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Known as a famous company specially engaged in manufacturing and engineering, SMMC has been established for 85 years. SMMC had grown from a pimping plant to a strength and famous company in the china during last threescore. So far, SMMC's strength and reputations as a Contractor or Supplier  in the field of engineering and manufacturing were known throughout the China and the world. She supplied plants and services for many key projects of Chinese infrastructure in the field of cement, iron and steel, thermal power, port, mine and environmental protection etc..

SKIEC, a sub-corporate of SMMC, responsible for importing  and exporting of  the  products and technical of SMMC and managing  variety of engineering project, grew with the father Company. We have successfully supplied several turn-key project and gain the recognition.  >>>


Logo of SMMC

the initial letter of Shen Kuang

(Shenyang Mining In Chinese).

90years building in SMMC


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Contact: No 16 Kaifa Road, Shenyang Economic & Technological Development Zone,1100141, China  

Tel: +86 137 0000 9809  Fax:+86 24 24314213

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